Digital Freight Forwarding

MOAM is the leading digital freight forwarding platform in Afghanistan. Clients can make hassle-free bookings for a wide range of transportation services using our online platform. We support B2B, B2C shippers with their logistics need by connecting them to thousands of transporters nationally and internationally on our platform. We provide carriers with an opportunity to grow their business and increase the utilization of their vehicles as well.

Air Freight

Ready to take off? MOAM has you covered! From general cargo to perishables, diplomatic, and even dangerous goods, our tailored aviation solutions provide the perfect mix of cost-effectiveness and convenience. With access to a large global aviation cargo network, you can trust MOAM to get your cargo safely across the world. Get ready for takeoff with MOAM!.

Road Freight

Elevate your supply chain efficiency with MOAM’s road freight services. Our road freight expertise ensures timely deliveries, optimal route planning, and State-of-the-Art logistics technology. Choose MOAM for your cargo's technical advantage on the Road!.

Rail Freight

Our company offers efficient and reliable cargo movements by rail to meet your transportation needs. With our extensive network and expertise in rail logistics, we can help you move your goods easily to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan to anywhere in world.

Sea Freight

We provide comprehensive sea freight services to meet your global shipping needs. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in maritime logistics, we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for transporting your goods across the international waters.

Our domestic cargo services ensure your goods reach their destination across the country with precision and speed. With a strong network and dedicated team, we deliver peace of mind along with your cargo, every step of the way.